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Two smiling female coworkers sitting in task chairs and turning to each other.

What Are Task Chairs and Why Does My Office Need Them?

Task chairs are essentially specialized office chairs. While you may hear the terms desk chair, task chair, and office chair interchanged, they aren’t the same thing. So what’s the difference? And why does your office need them? Officemakers is here to explain. As always, if you

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A Houston office with modern office furniture and an open layout.

How to Buy Business Office Furniture in Houston

The business climate in Houston is outstanding, ranking only behind LA and NYC as the best cities to do business in, according to Real Estate Directory (RED). With low taxes, affordable fuel, reliable infrastructure and a teeming pool of top talent, Houston

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Cubicles – New, Used, Refurbished Cubicles

Cubicles – New, Used, Refurbished Cubicle Sales Cubicles are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.  While it is helpful to view styles and layouts online to get ideas for how to layout your office.  It is invaluable

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