Non-Profit Office Furniture Solutions

Our Mission

Here at OfficeMakers we understand, and have lead non-profit office furniture solutions in Houston. All of our sales staff is is trained to handle all non-profit office furniture sales.

Non-Profit Office Furniture

We understand that non-profit office furniture contracts have differences in process and pricing. At OfficeMakers we promise you will be in the best hands. With our in house design team, we can get your non-profit office set up just how you want it. We promise the highest quality of work.

There many reasons it is important to make your office design a priority. At OfficeMakers we care about your time, and we care about your office. We have design experts, and we can get you a design to fit your office, and your needs within 24 hours. We do this all in house, and we don’t give up the responsibility of your workspace to a third party. We will have your office furniture shipped in the time it would take you to get a design from anywhere else.

We know how important it is to have the best office design in the work place, and in the timeliest manner. We can meet in person, and design it with you, we can even connect from our offices to you, and do it over a safe connection. Take a look at our gallery where we have some images of previous installs, and designs. There is no limit to what we can do.

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We are up to date on requirements for non-profit organizations

For questions on non-profit pricing, call us at this number (281) 574-3800

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