Professional office layout and design

A well planned office space is indicative that your business is organized, while creating a conducive work environment for employees to thrive in. Since your office space is a reflection of the way your business operates, a well planned office layout is crucial to the growth and success of your business. After curating many professional layout and design plans for Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, OfficeMakers has structured numerous businesses for future success.

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What does the office planning process look like?

As professional office space planners, design experts and certified furniture providers, we take pride in our work and collaborate with you to create the layout and design plans suited to your needs. We will create a preliminary design that is in your budget and one that is a little over to help you gauge your options. Once you have approved of the plans, we will solidify a timeline, furniture orders and delivery. The process to finalize your plan goes as follows:

  • Details: Provide OfficeMakers with project info, size, specs and budget.
  • Design: OfficeMakers creates a design model of the space for review.
  • Review: Customer reviews the total cost and configuration then requests edits or approves it.
  • Order: Once the order is approved, we request a deposit and submit the order for manufacturing.
  • Delivery: We will contact you to schedule a delivery & installation date

How layout and design planning can help your business

Whether you are a small business looking to plan your office layout or an established company looking to update your office, planning the layout and design concept will benefit anyone. If you need to establish a budget for office renovations, planning your layout will solidify a initial budget for that you can use as a guideline for all purchases. OfficeMakers can modify plans to better suit your budget so you get the most out of your investment. For those ordering office furniture for design plans in bulk, your layout plans are complementary to your order!

Your investment in an office layout & design company matters. Let OfficeMakers get you the best return on investment.

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