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Furniture solutions suited for the healthcare expanding industry

At OfficeMakers, we understand how important it is for healthcare facilities to have workplace furniture that is adaptable, ergonomic, and multi-functional. Our team of sales, design and installation experts are up to date on current healthcare trends and are skilled in crafting refreshing designs for a flexible healthcare facility.

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Vizient Contract CE3388
Terms of this contract runs through April 30, 2024

This contract is available in all states.

Orders can be made out to the Servicing Dealer

Servicing Dealer
(Servicing Dealer address)

Remit to:
(Servicing Dealer)

Please note: All orders must have the Vizient Contract number on them.

Only authorized Servicing Dealers shall promote, sell and service this contract. Servicing Dealers provide many services such as space design, price quoting, delivery, installation and customer service.

Who is Vizient? Vizient is the nation’s leading healthcare performance improvement company, and the largest healthcare Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the county. The total US healthcare purchasing volume through GPOs is roughly $200 billion per year, with over $100 billion of that annual spending flowing through Vizient. 98% of the country’s 5,000 hospitals leverage GPOs, with Vizient alone serving 3,100 diverse health care systems. Learn More about Vizient –

HON in Healthcare. HON is a recognized and trusted brand. Offering timeless and durable full lifetime warranty products at an exceptional value for integrated healthcare solutions. From the front check-in desk and welcome area, to the nurse’s station all the way to through the building the breakroom in the back, HON’s product offering sets you up to successfully leverage your Vizient contract to the fullest. Utilize the Vizient Contract # CE3388.

Vizient Authorized Dealers

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Quality healthcare furniture providers

The healthcare industry experiences more rapid fluctuation than almost any other field! We can create an office design with furniture that can adapt and growth with change.

Waiting areas

  • Comfortable lounge seating
  • Bookcases
  • Occasional tables

Patient care

  • Caregiver stools
  • Storage cabinets
  • Monitor accessories

Work environments

  • Nurse stations
  • Conference tables
  • Sit-to-stand desks

We partner with HON furniture—leading manufacturers in office furniture—to supply quality desks, tables, storage and chairs—all made in the USA. Once you have ordered your office furniture through OfficeMakers, we offer a free custom made layout, readily available design specialists and full delivery and installation services. We create all of our tailor made design plans in-house and we don’t give up the responsibility of your work space to a third party. You are our priority at OfficeMakers and we guarantee full communication in the method of your choice (in-person, over connection, in office) within 24 hours.

Your investment in an office layout & design company matters. Let OfficeMakers get you the best return on investment.

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