Educational Furniture Solutions

At OfficeMakers, we understand how important it is for educational spaces to have furniture that encourages participation, enriches stimulation and sparks creativity. Our team of sales, design and installation experts are up to date on current education trends and will work with you to meet the needs of your education objectives.

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We provide furniture suited for any educational activity

The needs of students evolve constantly, and in order for students to learn effectively, your educational spaces must be reflective of those needs. Studies show that organized, flexible and comfortable learning environments function better than their messy, over-structured, hard furniture counterparts. This will enhance their focus, engage them in the material and promote communication—all things required for student success.

Learning spaces

  • Flexible desks
  • Experiment tables
  • Classroom chairs

Common areas

  • Backpack/coat storage
  • Craft table and chair sets
  • Multi-purpose tables

Quiet spaces

  • Bookcases
  • Library/story time seating
  • Private study desks

We partner with HON furniture—leading manufacturers in office furniture—to supply quality desks, tables, storage and chairs—all made in the USA. Once you have ordered your office furniture through OfficeMakers, we offer a free custom made layout, readily available design specialists and full delivery and installation services. We create all of our tailor made design plans in-house and we don’t give up the responsibility of your work space to a third party. You are our priority at OfficeMakers and we guarantee full communication in the method of your choice (in-person, over connection, in office) within 24 hours.

Your investment in an office layout & design company matters. Let OfficeMakers get you the best return on investment.

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Supporting a 21st century approach to learning means driving more meaningful connections for students and encouraging collaborative interactions. With a well-rounded portfolio of durable products designed to inspire and engage, HON seamlessly delivers spaces that help students, faculty, and administrators achieve their full potential.



HON offers a holistic portfolio of solutions for every student, every teaching style, and every type of learning space—from the classroom to the front office and all the areas in between.



With year-round manufacturing facilities and best-in-class fulfillment solutions, HON works closely with our Trade Partners to ensure you reliably receive your furniture on time every time.



HON builds quality products designed to withstand active minds and bodies. Durable solutions backed by a lifetime warranty ensure that every purchase is a wise investment.



Insightful, Responsive Educational Spaces

As we look toward the future, what might the learning environment of tomorrow become? Supporting the development of world-class learning environments has been—and always will be—at the very core of KI. It’s what we do best. KI built its reputation for excellence in education over 70 years, working shoulder-to-shoulder with our educational partners to support a “customer of one” experience and develop a roadmap for future innovation, specific to your unique learning culture.

At KI, we understand that insightful design delivers responsive space innovations that support today's active, learning-centered K-12 education environments.

– Bryan Ballegeer, vice president of education market, KI

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Classroom Planner

The Classroom Planner is an interactive program that allows you to add, remove and move around furniture into limitless configurations
and spaces.