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Designer Cubicles & Workstations

The latest trend in office furniture is designer cubicles and workstations.  Companies have come to realize that the one-size-fits-all no longer applies to today’s work environment.  Office space has become increasingly expensive and making the most every square inch is a major focus of facilities managers.

Designer Cubicles - Workstations by HON

Designer Cubicles Open

Designer Cubicles Quad Teaming Station

Designer Cubicles
Quad Workstations

Designer Cubicles by HON with Veneer

Veneer Designer Cubicles
by HON

Conference Station Designed with elegant panels and storage

Conference Station Designed
With Elegant Panels & Storage

Cubicles Designed With Sliding Glass Doors for privacy

Cubicles Designed With Sliding
Glass Doors for Privacy

Designer Cubicles with p-top - Zira by Global

P-Top Designer Cubicle
Zira by Global

Compatico Open Panel System

Compatico Open Panel System

Compatico Stackable Tile System

Compatico Stackable Tiles

Designer Cubicles & Workstations

OfficeMakers has been specializing in cubicles and office furniture since 1989.  Panel systems are still the preferred solution for companies needing to maximize space while ergonomically supporting employee comfort and productivity.  OfficeMakers offers several lines of designer cubicles by such well-known and trusted brands such as HON, Compatico, Clear Design, Global and DMI.

Designer cubicles are designed to fit the needs of the company.  Custom fabrics and finishes offer a company the opportunity to keep its office furnishings in line with the corporate image.  An employer wishing to promote collaboration among colleagues might choose an open benching system with lower panel wall heights to encourage interaction.  A managers or human resource personnel may need higher panel  heights for privacy.

A warehouse supervisor may need glass panels at his/her terminal to oversee products of different types from incoming trucks are unloaded, sorted, and loaded to outgoing trucks for delivery and ensure everything is running on schedule.

A manager may need a small conference table and seating for meetings.  Inside sales consultants often need a p-top desk with room for customers to pull up a chair under the desk.

OfficeMakers’ designer cubicles have an infinite number of configurations, wall heights, fabric options, finishes and accessories.  We also offer complimentary design planning to assist your company is designing the perfect workstations to maximize your floor space, enhance employee efficiency and be aesthetically pleasing.  Our professionally trained personnel will also offer advice on solving your company’s files and storage needs, conference room areas and seating.

Whether you need cubicles, traditional office furniture, office furniture for boardrooms, private offices, collaborative teaming areas, high-density employee environments, reception station and seating, breakrooms or training classrooms, OfficeMakers can help.