SoHo Executive Desk

SKU: SD410

The Emerson Writing Desk Collection by OfficeSource is the perfect little desk to create your next masterpiece on. With the collection’s sleek metal framework and rusting finish, you will bring your office a little bit of industrial and down to earth charm. This desk comes with a drawer, where you can store all the essentials needed for your daily tasks. Just like the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, you too can spark your imagination and create fantastic work, when you have the right foundation to work on! Choose the Emerson Writing Desk Collection today!


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This Soho desk from the Emerson Writing Desk Collection is your answer for a modern and stylish look. Coming in a distressed brown finish and metal framework, your office will come to life with an industrial touch. A center drawer is a perfect place to store away pencils and tablets, without cluttering up usable workspace.

Includes Center Drawer

Warranty: Limited Lifetime